SmartSpine Holiday Special and Update


To all SmartSpine devotees,

A few weeks ago I attended the 10th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain in Antwerp. I do like to remain updated, inspired and possibly challenged with new thoughts and concepts. The latter I am still re-reading and digesting, and I will report on that in an additional update later for all.

What I am confident about is that the concept I started the SmartSpine with years ago has become more and more a relevant concept in delivering an approach in movement teaching as well as treatment that addresses part of the bio-psycho-social cycle (a successful formula in treatment emphasized often during the Congress) in wellness, therapy and healing.

In keeping with this thought, the holidays coming up and a fresh start in 2020, we would like to extend a holiday and year-end special to renew and stock up on product to all our SmartSpine devotees.


Enjoy a 15% discount with free shipping on any order of $500 and up retail

Use code: holiday499


Enjoy a 20% discount with free shipping on any order of $1000 and up retail

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This year end and holiday sale will end December 30, 2019. We look forward to helping you help others with your work!


With warmest wishes for the holidays,


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