Pilates Posture Pillow Kit


The Pilates Posture Pillow is designed specifically with the alignment of the upper body in mind during all basic and therapeutic exercise approaches.

The elegant Pilates Posture Pillow includes its own organic 100% cotton, machine-washable pillowcase. Extra pillowcases are also available.

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Our pillow design goes beyond taking care of the appropriate alignment and positioning needs of the body during the workout or therapy session. Besides being sustainable, the pillow’s new content delivers powerful added benefits for the body.

The pillow is now delivered with a 100% biodegradable bamboo charcoal filling, a USA exclusive by SomaSom Inc.!

Suggested Benefits:

The health and energy properties of bamboo charcoal have been known and utilized in Asia since ancient times. It is also known as “Black Diamond.” One of the properties of bamboo charcoal is the release of negative ions. According to negative ion theory, the release of negative ions triggers increased vibration of the cellular walls, resulting in improved circulation as well as a rebalancing of positive ions in the environment and body. This is believed to contribute to tension release and a relief of fatigue and body aches. Bamboo charcoal is widely used throughout the world in household products, bedding, clothing, and even in high tech industries for medical equipment, machinery, and telecommunications. It is now exclusively available for Pilates therapeutic movement support introduced in the new Therapeutic Pilates Posture Pillow.

Specially designed to fit the Pilates Reformer, the benefits of the new Therapeutic Pilates Posture Pillow go far beyond its intended use of generating optimal alignment in a supported neutral position for all basic and therapeutic exercise approaches. The added bonus benefit of its exclusive bamboo charcoal content may make this your favorite pillow for rest, yoga, meditation, or even travel. The pillow’s size and fit may be easily personalized and adjusted by taking out and reserving some of its contents. Better yet, the bamboo charcoal is 100% biodegradable, and our pillows are locally made to high standards of excellence and quality.

The therapeutic properties of Bamboo Charcoal:

  • Emits far-infrared rays (often called the “Rays of Life”) that help to improve blood circulation.
  • Through its release of negative ions, it rebalances the dominant positive ions in the environment and the body, thereby relieving tension, fatigue, and body aches.
  • Its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties allow it to absorb odors. The inner pillow can be washed gently within its inner cover.
  • It adjusts well to both humid and dry environments.

Do not heat-treat this item.

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