Become a SmartSpine™ Ambassador today!

Take a SmartSpine™ workshop and once you are certified you will be an official Ambassador/Distributor at NO cost to you. NO cost as in NO need to buy huge inventory, LOW distributor prices, PROTECTED area/location and a QUALITY product line! I spend years to define the concept and proudly share my knowledge and the SmartSpine™ […]

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The Innerworks of the SmartSpine™ System Explained

The SmartSpine™ System as we know it now has evolved. Its versatile profile has expanded and it is now no longer used exclusively by practitioners of the Pilates and movement therapies. The SmartSpine™ System has now been embraced by the world of manual therapy and fascial work as well. The growing recognition of and demand […]

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The Ultra SmartSpine™ Kit is Here!

The ideal kit for the beginner complete with the original Smartspine™, the Pilates Pillow and the instructional DVD© is all you need to start your SmartSpine™ experience! Buy on line or purchase at your favorite studio, see the tab “distributors”. Marié-Jose Blom President/Creator Somasom Inc.

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Pilates Posture Pillow by SmartSpine™

THANK YOU! Our Pilates Posture Pillow has been back on the market briefly only and practically sold out already! New inventory is on the way, available to ship on or around July 9,2014 To qualify for the buy 10 get 1 free you are kindly requested to sign up as a featured Ambassador/Distributor….. it allows you to […]

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