Become a SmartSpine™ Ambassador

“Opportunities are often things you haven’t noticed the first time around.”
-C. Deneuve
Welcome to the world of SmartSpine™. It is a world where the same tools that put you in charge of your own bodies’ maintenance and wellness, also put you in charge of new opportunities within your own existing business.

This new opportunity is offered by SomaSom, Inc., home of the SmartSpine™ system. SomaSom, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets the patented SmartSpine™ product line along with its related accessories.
In addition to the SmartSpine™ products, SomaSom, Inc. offers training, workshops, and education. At SomaSom we believe in empowering you when it comes to the “new moves” of a therapeutic wellness approach to be integrated into your existing business model.

The unique line of SmartSpine™ products are developed and designed to support and enhance that which you are already doing in your practice of movement education, physical therapy, or bodywork.

We invite you to create your own unique world of wellness with the added benefit of SmartSpine™.

Ambassador Opportunities

SmartSpine™ Ambassador

In a SmartSpine™ Ambassador we seek

  • The elite level teacher/movement educator or practitioner who has embodied the philosophy of “working in”
  • One who has command of high-level teaching and presentation skills that will effectively introduce the SmartSpine™ approach to the larger mind body or wellness community
  • A professional who is not afraid to demonstrate service as well as leadership in building their community

Required Education and Prerequisite:
For the role of Ambassador one needs

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience as a practitioner of therapeutic work, as a movement educator, or the equivalent as such
  • To have taken the mandatory SmartCore 3.5 day professional training
  • Have audited or assisted with a 2 or 3.5 day training

Upon Completion of Training:

  • You will receive the SmartSpine™ accredited certificate
  • *PMA CECs available for all SmartSpine™ education
  • A protected area/zip code and your own detailed listing of you, your business/practice featured on our website with a link to your website.
  • Detailed, full-color marketing material made readily available to you at cost.
  • Educational material, in an easy to download format, which allows each Ambassador to customize handout material most suitable for their target audience
  • Your business will be identified with an official SmartSpine™ Academy logo for your website

Know How… Now What?
Organize your own SmartSpine™ workshop in your own studio or practice. This may be a two-day workshop intended for other educators/practitioners, or a one-day SmartSpine™ therapeutic workshop an in-service for a business or practice wanting to integrate the SmartSpine system right away. This will be the focus presentation of 3-4 hours and the platform for the 2-day workshop.

Product Sales Opportunities

    • You will have access to our exclusive wholesale product listing online
    • Carry your own inventory to provide Professional Kits to your workshops as well as Home Ultra Kits and accessories to your clients


Non-Ambassador Opportunities:

You have your business. You have your clients. You now can get on the inside of SmartSpine™.

SmartSpine™ Provider

You already work with SmartSpine™ in your business after a workshop or training and would now like to offer the SmartSpine™ products to your clients. You can become a product provider by simply visiting our website, Click on the tab “distributors” to view the list of those professionals already onboard. Complete the application/registration and when approved you will receive a password to all distributor wholesale pricing. Wholesale orders require a minimum of $1,000 per order. The minimum may be filled by choosing any combination of items to best serve your needs.

Host a workshop

Gain knowledge and profit by hosting a workshop taught by a certified Ambassador or Marie-José´ herself. The workshop host and 2 staff members will participate free of charge in any continuing education course held at your studio or practice. In addition to participating, the host receives a studio fee, which will be incorporated in the tuition. Terms and conditions will be determined on a case-by-case basis. At the end of the 2 days, you will have gained in-depth knowledge, made new friends, and found new SmartSpine™ clients.

However you decide to be involved, we welcome you to our SmartSpine™ community. Whichever path you choose, the outcome will improve your bottom line.

Marie-José Blom
Creator of the SmartSpine™ System
President of SomaSom, Inc.

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