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Sydney is a former hairstylist turned movement educator who began her Pilates journey in 2001.

While attempting to alleviate chronic back pain brought on by many years working as a hairstylist, a lifetime of bad posture, and scol­io­sis, she discovered an entirely new life-path and completely changed her vocation.

Sydney completed her Pilates comprehensive training program with PhysicalMind in 2005 and that turned out to be the beginning of her ongoing journey in body movement education.
Since completing her comprehensive Pilates program, she’s been on a constant quest to learn more and has had the pleasure of working with and learning from many amazing master Pilates instructors.

She also studied extensively with Stretch Therapy creator, Kit Laughlin and recently received her Fascial Fitness certi­fi­ca­tion from the Fascial Fitness Association.

In 2012 Sydney took her first workshop with Marie-José Blom, and that turned out to be a major game changer for her teaching strategy.

Marie-José’s approach, and the SmartSpine™ system, completely altered Sydney’s method of working with the body and gave her a clearer understanding of anatomy and body mechanics outside traditional movement and therapeutic systems.
Now Sydney can help clients work on a much deeper level. When clients learn to move and work from a more deeply connected level, their results always improve dramatically.

By offering dramatic and measurable results, Sydney has found her clients return week after week. Her clients have also eagerly spread the word about their personal bodywork breakthroughs. In fact, her schedule is booked many weeks in advance now and it’s due in large part to adding the SmartSpine™ concepts and techniques to her program.

Sydney’s mission is to empower people with the tools to connect and live in their bodies in a whole new way and the SmartSpine™ system has become an integral and critical part of the work she does with clients to achieve that goal.

Sydney has become a passionate advocate for the SmartSpine™ system and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with many current and future clients, as well as practitioners who want to incorporate SmartSpine™ principles into their own programs

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