Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance instructions for the longevity of your SmartSpine™ products

Keeping your SmartSpine™ products dry:
Avoid exposing your SmartSpine™ products to moisture or humidity. In humid climates it is best to store your SmartSpine™ products in a dry place or airtight bin, and hang them instead of piling them in a bunch.

Keeping your SmartSpine™ products clean:
The SmartSpine™ products should not be exposed to moisture. An occasional dry spot clean is possible on very small areas. We recommend using the protective covers, which are now available for all of our products.

Maintaining your SmartSpine™ product covers:
The covers are manufactured of a sheer, but durable hemp linen so the products’ effectiveness is never obscured or hampered. To clean, hand wash the protective covers in cold water and lay flat to dry. Do not put the covers in the dryer. Do not use bleach. After drying, a light iron is recommended to maintain its shape.

SmartSpine™ products and temperature:
A warm SmartSpine™ is the ideal companion for movement preparation or treatment. To determine the desired temperature for the first use, heat the SmartSpine™ products in 30-second increments (per product) until the desired temperature is reached. To prevent uneven heating and/or burn spots, be sure to use the provided strap to keep the SmartSpine™ from unwinding in the microwave during the warming process. Do NOT heat the SmartSpine™ for more than 1.5 minutes.

Should you decide not to use a microwave, another option is a spacious towel warmer that provides DRY HEAT during the entire day (i.e. Elite Towel Cabi). This will keep your products ready for use at any moment. A double version is also available so two kits may be kept warm at one time. If you use this heating method, make sure the towel warmer provides DRY HEAT only, as the SmartSpine™ products should not be exposed to humidity. Warmers such as these are often used in spas or medical offices.

For heating the SmartGlobe and Disc, do not exceed one minute. For heating the smaller items, do not exceed 30-40 seconds. The SmartSpine™ will retain its warmth or cold temperatures for approximately 30-45 minutes.

CAUTION: When using a microwave, the inside of your products may be warmer than the outside when first heated.

Do NOT heat your Pilates Therapeutic Posture Pillow.

Cooling: A cool SmartSpine™ may be used as a soothing cold wrap or cold therapy. Just place the SmartSpine™ in the freezer in a plastic bag to keep moisture out.

Product use:
Never use the SmartSpine™ products for anything other than its intended uses. Remove the plastic liner first, and never heat the products in an oven or convection oven.

The SmartSpine™ system is NOT intended to substitute for medical care.

If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, consult a health care practitioner prior to use.

All of our products are available in lavender or unscented.

We suggest you replace your SmartSpine™ products once a year.

For more information, see your local SmartSpine™ Specialist or studio for the full line of SmartSpine™ products as well as personalized instruction.

View a list of our SmartSpine™ Specialist and Educators on the website:
Take care of your SmartSpine™, your SmartSpine™ will take care of you.

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